50 cents per post? I’ll pass, thank you!

From time to time I’m still perplexed by how people like to be victimized and use the “victim” excuse whenever they need to take a risky decision or invest money into something that will bring the results in the long run. You see people want results now and they want to get them the cheapest way possible.

I get that you have to be careful with money.

I reeeeaaaallly get it.

I am a freelancer who’s putting her first company on two feet. I run around covered in a mixture of sweat, tears and blood trying fight my way through the corporate lines and agency domination.

What I don’t get is how I seem to be able to reach in my pocket and pay people fairly for good work and invest my hard-earned money while big companies expect me to work for 50 cents per post adding up to a total amount of child’s pocket money.

While what people do with their money and what they invest it in is their business, I wouldn’t want you to miss the main point here – the one that determines in the long run if your company is going to be successful or not.

You see if you start out with what we call »a poor mindset« you will never be able to climb to the top. Why? Like my mentor, Randy Gage always says, risky is the new safe. A person with »a poor mindset« lacks belief, doesn’t have a plan, makes excuses, waits for a miracle and blames others. In short, he is not a person who will ever take the necessary risk to get two steps ahead.

So here’s the question.

If you’re not willing to invest in your brand what makes you think others will?

You can’t expect to look like a million dollar deal if you’re only willing to spend a couple of pennies.

I’m shocked how many people still think they’re winning when they’re cutting costs all over the place. Squeezing people dry until they can’t take it anymore and quit is the worst way to go about it. You may be spending less money on a graphic designer, influencer, social media manager, programmer and so on, but many people fail to notice this goes both ways.

If you don’t respect people’s work, they won’t respect yours in return. So yes, you may be paying less money, but you’re also losing speed, motivation, creativity and great ideas on their part. Is it really worth it? We all know you can’t build skyscrapers on toothpicks and just like toothpicks, people snap under pressure.

I’m mentioning pressure here because people who pay you the least amount of money, usually end up being most difficult to work with as well. They don’t understand the concept of value in the first place and naturally they also don’t understand boundaries. Not only do they pay you the lowest rates, but they even leave you 50 messages on Facebook off-hours, call you on weekends and give you impossible deadlines.

If anything, this will destroy the possibility of forming a team that will work with passion and even do some things for no cost whatsoever.

Now if you have experienced something like this, you know it’s a sticky situation especially if you need the money and they know it. You don’t want to lose the job, but you also don’t want to chase unicorn’s rainbow farts to finally get that pot of gold you deserve.

So here is my advice:

1.   Stand your ground when negotiating your salary

2.   Don’t doubt your abilities even if they do

3.   Locate the nearest and safest exit

Building a business is hard by itself already. I’m continuously running down the »I’m so excited« avenue and back to the »Oh, the horror!« street. I don’t want to have people who are not ready to invest anything and expect everything riding shotgun. I’m busting my a** ass off and investing everything I have to get out something worth fighting for.

So 50 cents per post? I’ll pass thank you. Go buy yourself a lollypop.

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