Silicon Valley will challenge you, but it will also teach you things.

It has been almost a week since I came back from ABC global home offices in San Jose, but I am still taking it all in piece by piece. It is hard to sleep at night with my mind completely blown and the fact I had to leave a very passionate relationship with WeWork’s coffee machine behind me. The thing with being taken out of your comfort zone is that you get addicted to it a little bit. I am sure everybody working in a startup can probably relate to this; we are people who like the challenge and people who love the chase. Moreover, yes, Silicon Valley will challenge you, but it will also teach you things.

It will awaken the monster in your belly that is hungry for success.

Within moments of arrival, your brain will start to buzz, and you will not be able to sleep at night. Not because of jet lag, but because success is in the air there. You can feel it, smell it and hear it and you want to be a part of it. The struggle is real over the pond. There are many people like you out there, and they all want the same thing, so go in with a battle strategy. Make sure that beast in your belly is well fed, or it will start snacking on your brain.

Be ready for everything, and I do mean everything.

You never know who are you going to meet and what kind of opportunities are you going to get. The best companies are positioned in Silicon Valley for a single purpose; to bring together the best individuals on the field to score quicker and better. I literally had business cards thrown in my face when I started talking about what I do. It is crazy! And I was only there for a week, with no intention to »sell myself«. Now imagine what you can do in a month! Or a year! I am not saying that it will be easy, but the possibilities are there. I am pretty sure I could bump into Elon Musk one day there. I am also pretty sure he would not give a flying f* about me, but hey I could still bump into him and be shamelessly infatuated with it. So be ready, and get yourself out there.

People genuinely want to know what you do and help you grow.

The mentality of the valley is completely different than what most of us are being thought. If you only want to water your own lawn, you’re already out of the game. People here know you can get better results if you partner up with talented individuals. So yes, take care of your own lawn, but also help other people grow a palm tree or a cacti garden if that is their thing. You may never know when your water pipe breaks down.

If you want to go there to sell bullshit, don’t go at all.

People there have 0 patience to listen to people who only like to talk and don’t deliver results. They see right through you, so be genuine, straightforward and be prepared to work hard. Time is money here so don’t waste it.

Always be two steps ahead of your competition.

The world is becoming a smaller place, but people think bigger than ever. Self-driving cars, artificial intelligence in our homes, human colonies on Mars – these things are HUGE. While it is hard for others to process this, people like you and me are already taking advantage of it. That is why visionaries keep disrupting the industry with every move they make. They already live in the future. Make sure you are not left behind.

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