Ornella's Story

The first thing you notice about Aleksandra is how she transforms the energy of every space she walks in. There is something almost magical about the way she’s so at ease with everything, including herself. 

Her story, however, features chapters that are full of heaviness, trials, and silencing her own voice for the sake of being like everybody else. But it is also a story of courage, growth, and willingness to embrace change no matter how scary it may look or feel.

Change always starts with a question and Aleksandra is BIG on asking questions – the ones that really matter, the ones that lead to MORE OF YOU. 

What is true for you? What is your different? What’s your strong?

These are just some of the questions Aleksandra invites you to ask yourself to sync with your primordial “knowing.”

Today, she draws her power from the convergence with the universe and teaches you how to shift from thinking to knowing and living to being. She waits for you at the doorstep of a new world that invites you to leave the path of heaviness behind and follow the path of lightness instead.

After all, “whatever is true for you will feel light, and everything that feels heavy doesn’t belong to you, to begin with.”

If you want to learn how to reframe limiting views to make more space for new possibilities in your life, Aleksandra is your gal. She’ll help you ease into being with more joy and clarity. 


Anamarija came into my world as a touch of magic that I was asking for at that time. I knew I required someone who could bring my vision into a virtual world. What I also knew is that finding someone who would really “get” me and what I desired to share with the world, is going to be quite a challenge. For me sometimes even talking presents a challenge. Talking about what I do is oftentimes nearly impossible because I deal with so many things that do not belong in this world and are not of this world.

After my first conversation with Anamarija, I knew I have found my match because she was one of those rare, rare jewels that truly got what I desired to say.

What really intrigued me was that she asked all the right questions. I am huge on asking questions and it's rare to find people who are really willing to listen and hear what the other is about. That is an enormous gift of Anamarija. She actually listens and she creates with you not what she thinks is the right thing but she really gets all the elements of your vision and incorporates them into this living virtual organism that she creates.

In addition to really getting you, she is so beautifully artistically talented. Every graphic, every landing page, everything she puts together leaves me breathless after releasing a little scream of wonder and joy. I can not recommend anyone else to work within this field because if you really desire to be taken care of, at peace that your business and you are being heard and acknowledged that she definitely is your girl!

Project in a nutshell

When I first started working with Aleksandra, she had a pretty good understanding of who she is and how she does business offline, but in order to really expand her brand, we needed to take things online. 

Her brand, “Ease Into Being”, still needed a visual identity and a clear voice that changes lives with the tools of Access Consciousness, and that’s where we started.

Outlining her approach was a challenge, but it paid off – Aleksandra now runs a couple fully-booked online workshops each month!