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Before I found Anamarie, I was completely unfocused. I didn’t approach content systematically which eventually lead to unfinished and unrealized projects. I wanted to do everything at once. Yesterday, if possible. Even though I had a vision for Glowinface brand, I didn’t know how to effectively communicate it with my audience.

I was writing every e-mail from scratch, my blog posts looked chunky and I had no visual consistency with my content. I also didn’t know how to set up my marketing channels or where to start for that matter. It was overwhelming.

Anamarie took the time to highlight what’s really important for the growth of my business and taught me how to stop wasting time on things that don’t matter. But what I like and value the most about Content Pixie is the MENTAL SUPPORT and the extra mile they go to make your dreams a profitable business.

Karin Velikonja, Founder of Glowinface Face Yoga

Content Pixie services

Content Pixie Framework

Implementing a content creation, management, and marketing system.

Content Creation

Creating graphics, workbooks, worksheets, e-books, photos and much more.


Redesigning Glowinface brand and creating all graphic materials.


Wordpress website design and management.


Complete support with organizing and promoting webinars.

Copywriting and SEO

Support with writing, editing and optimizing blog posts.

A little bit more about our collaboration

Launching your brand internationally and selling your product online can be quite a challenge, especially if you’re on your own. You may have a fantastic product and great ideas on how to market it, but you lack the know-how when it comes to setting things in motion. When Karin first shared her vision with me, I got the “jiggles” a.k.a. The tickling sensation I get in my body when I JUST KNOW we’re meant to create something magical together.

We started slowly as I do with all solopreneurs. First, we needed a clear understanding of where we want to go, who we want to work with, and what message do we want to spread in the world. This is what I consider the foundation of any business, and I’m all about building brands that last. Slowly, but surely we put the content marketing system in place; choosing the right tools to support online growth and completely redoing the brand’s website.

With Content Pixie marketing framework, we have successfully connected different platforms and crafted a strategy that keeps the online communication running smoothly. This gives Karin the time to focus on the thing she loves most – teaching face yoga!

In just a year we have pulled our first 25k launch, organized webinars with more than 500 attendees, tripled the size of the mailing list, and trained the first group of Glowinface face yoga instructors. Karin is now seen not only as a face yoga expert but also as a thought leader and holistic beauty guru that illuminates the path to self-love.

Website development

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We focus on organic growth and authenticity


With a custom-crafted strategy tailored to Glowinface brand and target audience, we've helped grow their Instagram account organically, from 1000 followers to 15.000 followers in just over a year.

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