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"I'm still working on it, could you come back and return with another cup of coffee per favor?"

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Ana Juma, Founder of My Life Journal

Content Pixie services

Content Pixie Framework

Implementing a content creation, management, and marketing system.


Weekly coaching calls to implement the marketing strategy

Content Creation

Creating graphics, freebies, videos, photos and much more.


Refreshing "My Life Journal" branding and crafting a new one for Ana Juma personal brand.


Developing a new website for Ana Juma personal brand

Copywriting and SEO

Support with writing, editing and optimizing blog posts.

A little bit more about our collaboration

Ana Juma likes to say there are no coincidences in the world. And when I first met her in Bali, it was pretty clear that the universe has a unique plan for us. I remember sitting next to her at our boutique hotel’s poolside while she was preparing to go live with a product she worked on super hard – My Life Journal. She needed some last-minute photos. I had a camera. The rest is history.

From DAY 1, we have taken a pledge to co-elevate each other and support both our personal and business growth through friendship first, and business second. This is something I cherish the most with my line of work – to inspire and be inspired by running your business just the way YOU like it.

A lot of people refer to Ana Juma as the journaling expert, which I think it’s super cool, especially if you know where she’s been and why she started journaling. She’s one of those people who had to venture through the storm to find her oasis of inner peace and now inspires others to be brave as well. It’s normal things get hard sometimes, but with the right tools you can use those rocky situations to pave the way to your personal freedom. Juma can show you how.

When she trusted me with developing both My Life Journal and her personal brand, we often wondered if we’ve somehow synced telepathically by placing trust in each other. Something extremely powerful comes to play when people support people by bringing their ideas to life. Me and Juma just “get each other” which helps our collaboration run like clockwork. I can’t wait to see where the future takes us and what we can co-create.

Product Photoshoots

My Life Journal social media graphics

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